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AarMark's mulch blowing truck is much more efficient than the typical mulch blowing trailer system.  Our service requires a 2-man crew compared to the average 3-5 man crew used for other systems. 

  • AarMark's blower truck can hold up to 40 yards per trip and has a 300 foot hose.

  • We can install up to 60 yards a day, depending on material.

  • One yard of mulch being blown covers 175 square feet at 1.5 inches deep compared to manual installation at 100 square feet. 

  • Our service includes clean-up (clean edges, parking lot/paved areas, etc.)

  • If requested, AarMark can prep the beds (clean leaves, debris, etc.) and edge the beds at an additional cost. 

  • We supply premium quality mulches in dyed and natural varieties.

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