New Design and Installations

New businesses and residences require expertise to design and install the landscape in order to enhance the appearance and value of a property. Everything from the soil up to the trees will be designed and installed by our professionals to meet all of your specifications. If requested, AarMark has the capability to take a photo of the property, design the landscape, and have the owner approve the design before installation begins.


AarMark's Installation Services include the following:

Landscaping Design & Redesign

Soil Preparation

Remove stones, roots and any other debris from the visible layer of soil. 

Grass Planting

Option 1: Hydroseeding - a mix of paper/wood mulch, fertilizer, and grass seed

Option 2: Compost/manure - manure with grass seed

Option 3: Straw blowing - straw with grass seed

Option 4: Sod installation

Tree Planting

Shrub Planting




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